MIUI相机移植版|原生可用MIUI相机 | Port for mojito A13 Custom Roms

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By @ham1do

MiCamera magisk module:
➥ Download  [Gdrive] (https://drive.google.com/file/d/11bpA7HvBlAUxG_flIFasdWh5PWiy39t6/view)
48MP fix magisk module:
➥ Download  [Gdrive] (https://drive.google.com/file/d/11dQU3Qge9vrPmzVXAT4ojgZ0fJJJD17r/view)

- Delete or disable any anx / miui camera magisk modules.
- Flash via magisk manager MiCamera and 48MP fix magisk modules and reboot to system.

Changelog :
• Ported from Mi 11.
• Optimized for mojito.
• Added necessary Vendor libraries.
• All unnecessary code removed.
• Experimental features unlocked.
• Enabled Night, 48MP, Short video, Panorama, Documents, VLOG, Time-Laps, Slow motion, Movie Effects, Ai Watermark, Custom Watermark ( inside camera settings ), Clone modes.

This camera tested and confirmed fully working on : riceDroid, xDroid, Spice os, Cherish Os & POS.

On Evo x, crDroid, arrow & maybe other roms front camera & portrait are broken ( not camera issue , maybe rom side issue ).

Thanks to:
@AMRGAMAL1 & @ceracz

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