Xiaomi 12S Ultra内核开源请愿

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra community requests the release of the kernel source code, for us developers and users to take better advantage of the device with custom rom support and make the most of its potential, if it is possible also to activate the secret chip to have better taking advantage of the camera and its powerful lenses.

Let's focus on this personal mission 

As you all know, development is solely dependent on kernel sources and it's been almost 4 months since the device's release and Xiaomi's Github repository (https://github.com/MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource), we still haven't received the Android 12 kernel source without which no worthwhile development can Be done.

We need your support to amplify this tweet so that Xiaomi recognizes it and releases the Android 12 kernel source for our devices as soon as possible.


Use my tweet as a base with the tags below, thanks for everyone's attention!

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